What Do We Do When? #3

Radical Community Response to Sexual Assault issue #3


UBUNTU is Women of Color and Survivor-led.
In Durham, North Carolina, USA, community members are breaking the silence about sexual assault and racist violence as part of a long struggle against racism, classism, sexism and all forms of oppression.

Broken Beautiful Press

Broken Beautiful Press is based on the basic assumption that love, knowledge and inspiration are renewable resources for revolution that we produce together everyday. You can also visit their old site.

Herbs for Trauma

The format's a little odd. The middle page of the zine takes up only 1/2 of a piece of legal paper. So the PDF will print two side-by-side copies of the middle page onto one sheet of legal paper. If you cut that in half, you'll get two separate middle pages for every copy of the PDF printed.

An Activist Approach to Domestic Violence

From Planting Seeds

Support Zine

Silence = Death

Provided by the Overground Distro.


Addressing Mental Health and Confronting Sexual Assault in Activist Communities
By Annie Anxiety

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