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What to Do

The official title is: What to Do When Someone Tells you that you violated their boundaries, made them feel uncomfortable, or committed assault.

A trifold pamphlet that lists steps that people who've been called out for sexual assault should take.

Learning Good Consent

This is an edited/updated version of the Learning Good Consent zine. Among a bunch of other topics, it has articles on consent for queer folk, survivors, and perpetrators plus an outline for a consent workshop (which is the section that has been updated).

Beginners Guide to Responsible Sexuality

The cover says "(for men)", and it's put out by a Denver Collective who "identify as experiencing male privilege." You should download it and read it if your interested.

Men Unlearning Rape

Looks like a collection of article from other sources.

What Do We Do When? #2

A zine about community response to sexual assault. Issue #2

What Do We Do When? #3

Radical Community Response to Sexual Assault issue #3

Herbs for Trauma

The format's a little odd. The middle page of the zine takes up only 1/2 of a piece of legal paper. So the PDF will print two side-by-side copies of the middle page onto one sheet of legal paper. If you cut that in half, you'll get two separate middle pages for every copy of the PDF printed.

An Activist Approach to Domestic Violence

From Planting Seeds

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